Oscar Phillips, who died at Capenhurst Station in January 2015
Oscar Phillips, who died at Capenhurst Station in January 2015


This is a paragraph I never thought I’d have to write. This is a paragraph no parent should ever have to write. On 26th January 2015 my son Oscar Phillips took his own life at the tender age of 16. There were no warning signs, no indication of what was to come.

I never got the chance to help him, to talk about what was going on inside his head – and that could have changed everything.

Oscar suffered from what I now know to be masked depression. He was struggling to cope, but wore a mask hide that fact. He did it for so long that it became too much, I understand that now. I set up this foundation in his name as a constant reminder of what can become of young people who don’t get the support they need.

Carmel Giansante
Founder of the Oscar Phillips Foundation


The Oscar Phillips Foundation exists to make sure that every young person feels free to speak their mind – anything that lightens the load of simply being a teenager in Britain today.

Working with schools and inspiring speakers like Kevin Duala, we want to make a difference in improving emotional wellbeing education, motivating young people in some of the most stressful school days, and taking a stand to improve rail safety throughout the UK.

Kevin Duala speaking to students at Little Sutton School
Kevin Duala speaking to students at Ellesmere Port Catholic High School